Get the service and support you need to make home buying simple. 


Where do you want to live? Is this your starter home or your "happily ever after" home?
Are you buying as a single person, for your family or downsizing as an empty-nester?

Whatever your stage of life, we’ll provide the information, tools and guidance you need to make the right home-buying decision for your current and future goals. 

Step #1 : Get a loan approval

You wouldn’t go shopping for clothes or shoes or a car without first knowing how much you can spend. 

The same goes for buying a home.

We’ll walk you through:

-understanding the lending process, 

-finding a lender and loan product that fits your financial situation, and 

-obtaining a full approval (which differs from a pre-approval)


Step #2: Determine your budget and match it to your requirements

The amount of your loan approval does not have to be the same as your budget.

That’s why we guide our clients through a process that looks at their ENTIRE budget to determine how much they want to pay in a monthly mortgage vs. how much they are approved to spend.

From there, we’ll begin searching for the home that fits your life AND your budget.

Step #3: Search for your perfect match based on market availability

Housing inventories fluctuate. Property searches and attending showings can be time-consuming. We save you significant time and energy by:

-wading through the listings to help save countless hours of searching online. We’ll only send listings that fit your needs

-reviewing listings you send us to eliminate properties that aren’t a good fit

Step #4: Make an offer, negotiate, and close

There’s more to submitting a winning offer than agreeing to pay full price. Once we find the right property, we’ll create an offer that takes into account the seller’s terms, conditions and asking price so that you’re in the best position to have your offer accepted.

Our support continues through the appraisal and home inspection process to final loan approval and closing.  You’ll never have to wonder what’s going on— we’ll be your advocate and guide from search to settlement!

Toni helped me with the process of selling my home and securing a new one in a very active market. While my home didn’t take long to sell, it wasn’t easy finding a new one. Toni stuck with me and helped find the perfect property that checked all the boxes.


We were looking to purchase a home in MD while living out of state and expecting our first baby. It was important that we had the home purchased before the baby was born. Toni helped us navigate all of the hurdles and we were able to bring our baby to our first home.

-R.B. and B.P.

Toni’s tip for smart home buying

Listen as Toni McCree, owner of CityScape Realty, LLC, explains how to set a budget and avoid being “house poor”.  

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